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I.R. D.J is the Dance music alter ego of Ivan Russo, the award winning record producer, composer and Atollorecords owner. Ivan developed very early an interest in music, picking up the piano at the age of 5 years old. Between lessons and self – learning Ivan became an accomplished pianist while listening to the music of great artists such as The Beatles, Toto, Earth Wind and Fire.

Studying classical music, Ivan graduated as pianist at the age of 21 and as three years later. Then he decided to develop his career as pop music producer and studio/live sessions keyboards player.

After a while Ivan started his own record company ATOLLO RECORDS working on several musical productions in collaboration with artists from all over Europe. He produced (writing, arranging, recording, mixing and finalizing) his musical songs by his own achieving a successful career throughout France, Germany, Portugal, Belgium. He’s the man behind the successful production of the French artist Ilona Mitrecey. Alongside his career as music producer, Ivan is constantly engaged playing live tours as session keyboardist for international artists.

I.R. DJ Project is just the name that identify an eclectic dj set that will bring the best electronic music down to the dancefloors across Europe. Stay tuned!!

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I.R.D.J. (Party People)
I.R.D.J Party People (Preview)
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