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Alessandro Lo Giudice aka YAGO was born in 1994 in Palermo, south of Italy. He grew up and shaped his musical talent very early, supported by a family of musicians and artists.

As a young kid he started studying classical guitar and rhythm instruments while at the age of eleven years old he exceeded the selections to join a flute course in his town.

This gave to him the opportunity to attend the famous Conservatory of Music “Vincenzo Bellini” in Palermo few years later. Alongside the classical music studies Alessandro developed a peculiar interest in electronic music, mainly oriented to dubstep and electro beats.

For this reason he decided to enroll to the Electronic Music course at Conservatory in order to broaden his musical education. During this period Alessandro collaborate also with the friend Dj Tux and form the music duo “GrooveXpansive” producing Dance and Hard Electro tunes.

Alessandro has recently joined Atollo Records family and he’s working under the supervision of Ivan Russo releasing new tunes and remixes that will push his musical career to the next level.

Official Facebook: YAGO

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