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Neja is from Turin northern Italy, where she was born under the astrological sign of Leo. She falls hopelessly in love with music as a young child and later gets her start into the show business by singing with gospel choirs and jazz bands.

As a teenager, she realizes her dream thanks to the dance music. Everything starts out with the smashing hits Restless and Shock!, two chart-topping successes danced all over the world.
In 1999 Neja releases "The Game", the winning track from “A Song For The Summer”.

That same year she performs it on the popular Italian music show Festivalbar and flies to Japan to promote the single. The Game also becomes the title of her first album, where Neja expand her repertoire to include pop music tunes Fairytale and Mum’s Day.

But The Game doesn’t say goodbye to dance music: January 2000 views a dance remix of Fairytale circulating around Europe. She travels to Germany to shoot a video to be distributed by Universal. Later that summer Neja releases the new single Singin Nanana and appears a second time on Festivalbar.

In 2001 Neja releases Time Flies and Back 4 The Morning, the latter of which launches her for the first time into American consciousness. She flies to New York, Boston, and San Antonio for successful performances.

In 2002 Neja signs with Universal to push forward her focus on pop music. Looking For Something is the summer hit that brings her for a third time to Festivalbar and opens the way to her second album Hot Stuff, including the single To The Music.

From 2003 to 2005, Neja performs live for her devoted fans in Italy, throughout Europe and India as representative of an Italian fashion brand. In 2005 she signs with the label Melodica which releases her 11th single "Who’s gonna be?", a pop-ish song with several remixes (raggae, dance, rock...) and a video.

In 2007 with a new production team formed by Ivan Russo (Atollo Records) and the french dj Benjamin Braxton (Sound4label) Neja returns to the dance music with the new single Catwalk, released at first in France. She’s now writing her third album.

2008 is the year of sperimentation for her, she returns to her old "root": jazz , recording Acousticlub, an album of cover hits rearranged in an acoustic, jazzy way (as Sweet dreams, Papa don't preach, man in the mirror, hit me baby one more time...) and a new version of her songs (Destiny and The game). She likes this project so much that she records another album of this kind called 133 Sushiclub in collaboration with two excellent musicians (guitarist Cristian Montgnani and Bass player Larry Mancini).

2009 is dedicated to dance music again... Loving you is the new single in collaboration with two deejays from Turin, Peter Damir and Gianluca Argante.

2011 Neja is out with the new album called "133 sushiclub vol. 2".She’s the singer songwriter of new songs that blend music influences of Latin Jazz, International Pop and Acoustic Dance.

Loving You
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