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Stereoscope Collective (Can U Feel it Records / Atollo Records) is the creative team - DJing / remixers / arrangers / composers - formed and created by Ivan Russo and Tom Glide.

A duo that represents the perfect artistic combination highlighted by a strong alchemy in music.

Tom Glide is the co - producer that stands behind the success of Ilona Mitrecey music and has always supported Atollorecords production even if following different routes .

While Ivan Russo has been producing artists like SHABY (FR), FREYIA (UK), AUDIO2 (IT) under his own brand, ATOLLO RECORDS and ATOLLO ELECTRONIC UK (YAGO , I.R.D.J , NO FLY ZONE ), Tom has followed the American adventure releasing with Patrick Smadja for Can U Feel It Records an amazing Retro Funk album with many legends and music of Earth Wind & Fire Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, George Duke - the album "TOM GLIDE AND THE LUV ALL STARS ".

Licensed by EXPANSION RECORDS in London, Tom will be touring live next March 2012 in the “NU SOUL UK TOUR” together with COOL MILLION , SOULTALK and WESTCOAST SOULSTARS.

Stereoscope is the recent joint collaboration in which the Italo French duo decide to create a new music challenge inspired by this Nu Electro wave who sweeping the world.

They’ve met again in Naples (Italy) last July 2011 “for their kiddies "  - as they use to say in their interviews - and they have joined the forces of the two recording labels putting together an impressive amount of music.

The goal is to put the project under an international spotlight also with future live performances. The first single “Glitchy Girl” has already reached thousands view on Youtube getting the attention of many labels in the USA, Italy, France, Israel, and is next to be the music revelation of the coming year. So now you know!!


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