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Las Hermanas
Titolo Las Hermanas Acquista su iTunes
Anno di pubblicazione 2007
Note Carolina and Silvana Marconi had been thinking about having their own project for long, in fact they were looking for someone who could make a bespoke production for their sound. They met Ivan Russo (Atollo Records Ceo) and Luca Sepe who seem to be the right people to make this dream come true as the project "Las Hermanas". After three hard working months the first single is released, "Que Horror" with a typical latin rhythm, charming and entertaining melody. Carolina's and Silavana's voices are definitely suitable for latin music world! The song is a declaration of love towards their mother, whom the track is dedicated to. In fact "Que horror" is an expression used by their mother. The song will reach every Italian radio in June, hoping lots of networks can appreciate the project. The single is gonna be sold on the main digital stores and its preview's gonna be on I-Tunes Music Store at the end of June.
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