Atollo Records

Atollorecords is the recording label created and managed by Ivan Russo in 1998, musician, composer, sound engineer and successful music producer/Dj.

Quality and Professionalism are the key words that stand behind this music label philosophy.

The company obtain its international recognition in 2005 with the production of the French artist Ilona Mitrecey, releasing the tune "Un Monde Parfait". This single achieved million sales for Gold and Double Diamond discs between France, Portugal, Belgium and Germany. The following Ilona's album - produced, mixed and mastered by Atollorecords - was at the top of Billboard Europe Chart in 2006 and a Best Breaking Award in London.

Several years of collaboration with major labels such as Universal Music Group, Virgin, EMI Music and other big indipendent label as Scorpio Music, Wagram Music, Wea France, Timerecords, Reason, JT-Company and Wagram Music, have proven the versatility and musical eclecticism of Ivan that has always been producing music of different blend and taste trying to avoid any sort of definition.

Following the route and its history of success Atollorecords is now moving the steps into the UK Music Industry, seeking for new talents, promoting brand new exciting musical projects, expanding its digital presence.
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